Spine Surgery

Mazor Robotics Renaissance Guidance System


Continual commitment to improving patient care leads United Regional to acquire the advanced technology of Mazor Robotics Renaissance Guidance System, a system transforming spine surgery.

Surgery of the spine requires planning and precision, and each patient’s anatomy has unique challenges. Surgery with the robotic surgical guidance system allows neurosurgeons to plan ahead before entering the operating room.

Neurosurgeons use the advanced 3D planning software before surgery to create a unique surgical blueprint, which is specific to each patient’s anatomy.

During surgery, the neurosurgeon does the actual work but the neurosurgeon’s tools are guided, according to the surgical blueprint, to place the implants safely and with the highest level of accuracy in the exact preplanned locations

In fact, the robotics technology has been clinically validated to ensure 1.5mm accuracy for increased patient safety compared to freehand spine surgery.

Before surgery


The day of surgery

Zeiss OPMI Pentero Microscope

In delicate brain surgery, surgeons rely on advanced magnification and visual clarity to enhance their skill. In 2011, we acquired the Zeiss OPMI Pentero neurosurgical microscope, which provides surgeons with clearer and more powerful magnification, as well as inter-operative diagnostics and support of fluorescence-based procedures such as tumor removal and resections. With these capabilities, neurosurgeons can easily distinguish between the cancerous tumor and healthy tissue.


Advanced technological features provide the surgeon with: