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Allen Brajer, MD, FACP

Internal Medicine

Dr. Allen Brajer is an internal medicine physician at United Regional Physician Group who focuses on the prevention and treatment of chronic conditions in adults.

Dr. Brajer completed his undergraduate degree at Midwestern State University, then obtained his medical degree from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, where he also completed his residency.

The challenges and complexities of diagnostic medicine and chronic illnesses is what drives Dr. Brajer in his work as a physician. He has always held an interest in science and medicine and is fascinated by the way the two are woven together. As an internal medicine specialist, Dr. Brajer primarily cares for patients with chronic conditions and he focuses on preventative medicine along with their overall wellness.

Under Dr. Brajer’s care, he thoroughly addresses the needs of his patients and guides them through the process of maintaining a healthy life.
When he’s away from the office, Dr. Brajer enjoys running and swimming, and is a Master Naturalist. He is married to his lovely wife and has two grown daughters.