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Sulaiman Iftikhar, MD


Dr. Sulaiman Iftikhar provides neurological care for inpatients as a neurohospitalist with United Regional Physician Group.

Dr. Iftikhar attended medical school in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, where he earned his medical degree from the National University of Science and Technology. After earning his degree, Dr. Iftikhar worked in Pakistan for six years as a neurologist before coming to the United States. He then attended the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, TN, where he completed his residency.

Taking care of sick family members and volunteering in different hospitals inspired Dr. Iftikhar to pursue a medical career. During his clinical rotations in Pakistan, Dr. Iftikhar developed a keen interest in neurology. His interest grew as he interacted with patients suffering from various neurological disorders, all of whom faced severe disabilities. Dr. Iftikhar says it brings him joy when patients make progress after he helps manage and treat their acute neurological conditions. Drawing from his extensive experience as a neurologist, Dr. Iftikhar is equipped to deliver personalized care to each patient he encounters.

Dr. Iftikhar enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and visiting national parks. Dr. Iftikhar appreciates residing in Wichita Falls due to his preference for smaller cities, where meaningful connections can be established with neighbors and colleagues.