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Geraldine Faivre, MD

Accepting New Patients

Dr. Geraldine Faivre is a general neurologist at United Regional Physician Group.

Dr. Faivre earned her medical degree from the University Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, France, where she also completed her neurology residency. She then went on to participate in a research fellowship in neuro-oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, New York. When she chose to stay in the United States to practice neurology, Dr. Faivre completed four additional years of residency in neurology at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio in Texas.

Dr. Faivre fell in love with neurology due to the complexity of the brain and how connected it is to everything else we do – from thinking and emotions to helping other parts of the body function. When it comes to patient care, she partners with her patients to determine how to treat their symptoms. “When patients come to the clinic after months or even years of having issues they don’t understand, they just want answers. As a neurologist, it is my job to listen to them and guide them through their medical journey.”

The most rewarding part of her job is when a patient experiences a breakthrough in the treatment and his or her symptoms improve. For example, Dr. Faivre feels rewarded when the patient’s migraines are under control and they are able to enjoy daily activities again. She works to educate her patients about their conditions, how they can alleviate their symptoms, and how they can achieve positive results.

Dr. Faivre was drawn to Wichita Falls after her time in San Antonio. “I wanted to serve a smaller city and live in a welcoming, family-oriented community.”