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Jason Holinbeck, MD

Non-Operative Orthopedics

Dr. Jason Holinbeck’s lifelong love of sports stirred a passion in his heart to become a sports medicine physician. His mission at United Regional is to help people recover from various types of injuries and relieve body pain they experience.

Dr. Holinbeck attended Lawrence University, a liberal arts school in Wisconsin, and obtained his medical degree and completed a residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. He completed his sports medicine fellowship at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Primary Care in San Antonio, Texas. He is certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.

Athletic injuries, knee and hip arthritis, shoulder pain, fractures and sprains — these are the primary issues Dr. Holinbeck sees on a daily basis. He is quick to identify the best path for each individual’s situation. The most rewarding part of his job is knowing he has been able to help a patient – to alleviate their pain in some way. “The older individuals with bad knees or hips that want to run around with their grandkids or go on vacation and not have to worry about hurting — when they come back and say they had a great trip and weren’t bothered by pain, that always makes me feel good,” he says.

Dr. Holinbeck believes that the excellent level of patient care provided at United Regional is due to open lines of communication between the physicians. “If I need to get ahold of the surgeons or a primary care physician because my patient’s blood pressure is elevated, it’s just a phone call away,” he says. “It’s an atmosphere of support, and the patients benefit from it.”

An unwavering commitment to help return patients to their ordinary lives is the driving force behind Dr. Holinbeck’s daily practice. His warmth and kindness creates an atmosphere that allows patients to feel safe and cared for.

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Dr. Holinbeck spent many years traveling to Canada for annual fishing trips with his family. He is married and enjoys time outside of work creating memories with his wife, Lisa, and their two little girls. They spend family days outdoors at the community pool or chasing the geese and feeding the ducks at Lucy Park. Dr. Holinbeck’s love for sports remains strong, and any opportunity he gets, he loves to spend playing basketball. The joy of helping people is shared by Lisa, who is a nurse practitioner.

He is fueled by the desire to get his patients what they need when they need it, and he applies his high level of skill, knowledge and resolute dedication to make sure it happens. He listens to his patients, and will explore every option to discover the best route for recovery. Dr. Holinbeck’s energy and investment in his patients make him a great asset to United Regional.