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Michael Henderson, MD

Family Medicine

Dr. Michael Henderson is a family medicine physician at United Regional Physician Group. His passion is to help his patients live the healthiest life possible so they can engage in life’s most meaningful pursuits.

A graduate of Brigham Young University, Dr. Henderson obtained his medical degree from Texas A&M University. He completed his residency at the Utah Valley Family Medicine Residency program in Provo, Utah.

Dr. Henderson grew up surrounded by physicians throughout his life and appreciated the work they did. That experience influenced his aspirations to work in the medical field. The road to becoming a physician began with an interest in becoming a pediatrician, followed by a fascination of psychiatry and orthopedics. He discovered he was able to perform these various interests and much more through family medicine. Dr. Henderson is committed to establishing relationships with the whole family, including pediatric patients. In addition to diagnosing and treating common illnesses, he has a particular interest and passion for preventing and reversing chronic disease through nutrition and exercise. He is a proponent of the whole-food, plant-based diet, and explores various options to help lead patients to their optimal health.

Dr. Henderson values building relationships with his patients and watching them grow throughout their lives. He is devoted to caring for his patients in times of health and sickness. Though his high-level skill and persistence, Dr. Henderson explores every avenue to help his patients get on the path they desire. “To help someone in time of need where they can’t help themselves is a special opportunity that I treasure.”

When he is away from the office, Dr. Henderson enjoys spending time with his wife and their three children. From ballet shows and dancing to reading and staying active, Dr. Henderson soaks in every moment he gets to spend with his family and community. He also likes cycling, cooking, gardening, and coaching. He encourages his patients to be active in their daily routines, because that is where he has seen his own health improve.