Relief may be found without surgery.

When you’re hurting, you want relief as soon as possible. We are here for you. For patients who are not ready to consider surgery, or for those who are not candidates for surgery, pain management options are available to help alleviate pain, improve functioning and enjoy a better quality of life. Whether these injuries stem from trauma, age, or overuse, chronic conditions present their own set of challenges. In many situations, physical therapy, medication, and injections can greatly help your condition. 

Our non-operative physicians, specializing in sports medicine, treat a variety of conditions such as concussions; joint injuries of the shoulder, knee, hip, and ankle; and back and neck injuries associated with conditions that limit patient function.

Non-Operative Procedures Include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Hands-on therapy
  • Interventional joint injections under fluoroscopy and ultrasound
  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • Regenerative medicine including platelet-rich plasma injections
  • Viscosupplementation of the knee degeneration
  • Trigger point injections

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Non-Operative Providers

Brandon Ohman, MD - Orthopedics - United Regional Physician Group
Brandon Ohman, MD

Non-Operative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Sarah Langston, MD - Sports Medicine - United Regional Physician Group
Sarah Langston, DO

Non-Operative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine